Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports internationally, which means you have the opportunity to make very profitable cricket bets. You can watch free live cricket matches and bet on live cricket test matches on Deltin7 and win more.

Cricket itself can be played in three different ways, all of which have evolved from its traditional form called Test cricket. With so many different ways to play the game, there are more fans and more ways to place bets.

The three variants of cricket that you can bet on are:

  • Test Cricket

The original form of cricket. Test Cricket is considered to be the absolute most challenging. Test cricket matches usually last up to five days to complete four innings of play.

  • One Day International Cricket

This is usually played in a single day, with each team playing fifty matches. The Cricket World Cup is played as One Day Cricket, making it a popular tournament that is pitched every four years.

  • T20 Cricket

More excitingly, the last variant is Twenty20 Cricket (T20), which adds a modern touch to the original sport. The famous Indian Premier League (IPL) is India’s professional T20 cricket league. In this variation, each team is allowed to have only one real innings.

All three types of cricket have their own tournaments, tournaments and skillful players. This makes it a very exciting sport. If you’re looking to create profitable cricket bets, read on for our free cricket betting tips, which delve into how to understand betting odds, what to look for when betting and more!