We are living in a society with an explosion of information. There are a lot of useful or useless, real or fictional news coming in every day. It is obviously impossible to deal with it only through experience and judgment. People with a conformity can hardly be a real winner. Whether it is stocks or lottery tickets, it is a game for a few people to earn money. The only way to be a winner is to be different, or even to be the enemy of others. Here are some misconceptions about football betting.

Just look at the fundamental analysis

The outcome of a football match is determined by many factors, none of which is decisive. The fundamentals we can see are just the tip of the iceberg, which has little impact on the outcome of the game. A lot of valuable information is hidden under the water, and outsiders have no chance to understand. Everyone is studying the fundamentals, and yet there are not many winners. Of course,in order to increase readability, writing recommendations still need the fundamentals. Football betting can’t just look at the fundamentals, but it must not ignore the fundamentals either. The leagues that are most likely to help you make money are usually the ones you know the most about.

Only buy strong teams

There are always some people who like to follow the trend, and they will praise whoever succeeds. Some people only buy strong teams and only guess the focus game. The result is naturally lose more than win. In the field of gambling, buying a weak team is definitely more reliable than buying a strong team, and buying a game with low attention is definitely more reliable than buying a focus ones.

Generally speaking, the dealer can’t control the game, but he can completely control the market. They won’t let you make money easily. On the other hand, if you buy the opposite side of a strong team, it is still profitable overall, so buying a weak team is more reliable than buying a strong team. It’s better to explain why you can’t buy a focus game. There will be many people paying attention to the focus game, and many fake fans will also buy some games to play, which leads to the “distortion” of the odds under irrational betting. The reference value of the odds will be reduced let the focus games are not easy to predict. For games with low attention, only professional players will buy them, so that the odds at this time are relatively accurate.

Betting in high odds, especially a draw

Gambling is a matter of probability. The only secret to long-term gambling without losing is to know how to avoid small-probability risks and try to choose high-probability events. Bettors always overestimate the probability of small-probability events. As mentioned earlier, odds and probability are inversely proportional. The higher the odds of an option, the lower the probability of its occurrence. Some bettors prefer for heads-up draws, but this is the most irrational behavior because the percentage of draws is always the lowest in any match.

Have blind faith in double bets

Theoretically speaking, the conditional probabilities are independent of each other. Not because the previous rounds have been lost, the next round must be won. There is no connection between each bet. It is not accurate to say that there is no connection at all. When you lose a lot of rounds in front of you, your mentality will change, and maybe you won’t be able to win. We might as well think about it in reverse, the vast majority of people can make money by betting and gambling, which is a paradox. It is easy to make a profit in the short term by doubling the bet, but it may lose all the principal and profit in the end.