There is a trend in World Cups throughout the 20th century that rarely misses the mark. If the tournament is held in North/South America, the team from South America will win the championship. When it is hosted by a European country, the European team has the advantage.

Where did the World Cup take place?

Of the very first 16 competitions, the only exemption to this pattern happened in 1958 when Brazil, with 17-year-old Billy, beat host Sweden in the final to win the champion for the very first time. Whatever has been different ever since, yet not much has transformed. There are two reasons that this holds true.

Initially, FIFA has been hosting the World Cup in Asia as well as Africa ever since like never previously, and the 2022 championship is being held in Qatar in the center East. Secondly, worldwide traveling is no more an uniqueness, which is maybe more important.

In 1930, the European team took a 15-day boat trip to the very first World Cup in Uruguay, as well as it is not surprising that the last was a suit between 2 South American groups. However the days of such a difficult journey are long gone.

Nothing is a secret in soccer

The gamers have an extensive understanding of the other countries’ challengers. In the past, they might have bet players they had actually never ever satisfied, or even never ever played prior to.

Brazil won the previous World Cup in Asia, and won their 5th (and newest) trophy in 2002 in Japan and also South Korea. They are likewise the faves to win this year. With the exception of Argentina, the fourth preferred, the top eight groups on the winning board are all European teams.

Does the location of the World Cup affect the general efficiency of the teams?

We will check out the last 6 events, as they all have the very same 32-team area as the existing event in 2022. If this details helps you make far better wagering choices, let’s see. 3 of the World Cups were kept in Europe, and also one each in Africa, Asia and also South America, making them ideal for comparison.

How did the European, Asian and North American WC teams perform?

Qatar’s winning betting odds recommend that the 2022 WC champ will probably be an European or South American team, just as it has actually been in the past. Recent competition documents reveal that at the very least a few teams from other continents have a possibility of making it to the top 8.

In the 2002 competition, co-hosts South Korea got to the semifinals, while Senegal and also the United States also reached the last 8. Eight years later in South Africa, Ghana and also Costa Rica were amongst the top eight, with the former coming within one goal of becoming the first African country to reach a World Cup semi-final with an exchange of 12-yard objectives.

The unique location of the 2022 World Cup has allowed teams like Senegal and the USA to exceed expectations, completing 13th and linked for 15th in the probabilities to win the tournament and also arrive 8. The team draw recommends they might meet in the Round of 16, guaranteeing that at the very least one team will progress securely.

How are the South American teams performing?

South America has actually only gotten to the semi-finals of the last 3 UEFA Globe Cups with one team, Brazil, who shed to host nation France in the last in 1998.

Studies have actually revealed that the South American Copa Libertadores have actually been a lot more successful in various other versions. Brazil won in 2002, Uruguay ended up in the top spot in South Africa in 2010, while 2 major nations, Argentina and also Brazil, ended up second and initially respectively in 2014 (although the latter was the host country).

Much less favored groups such as Paraguay (2006) and Colombia (2014) have actually made it to the last eight beyond Europe. Uruguay likewise reached the last 8 in the last World Cup in Russia, showing that South American countries do better outside of Europe.

Will European teams be impacted when playing in Qatar?

It is more difficult to assess nations from Europe just due to the fact that there are extra nations there than from any other continent. The European Champions League will certainly send out 13 teams to Qatar, while nothing else league will certainly have more than 6 groups in the 2022 World Cup group stage.

European nations clearly perform better when they play on their house soil. In the last six competitions, more European teams have progressed to the last three rounds in Europe than anywhere else.


All of the findings in this short article are interconnected. If there are fewer European groups in the last stages of the competition, it has to be because teams from various other continents are taking those areas far from them by removing them. Nevertheless, the 22nd FIFA World Cup will be held beyond Europe, so do not be shocked if some European teams don’t do along with anticipated.