This is an exciting and fun way for consumers to continue betting while watching the game after it has started, which is often 3 to 5 times more than the “Pre-match”. The odds for each game fluctuate due to factors such as the ups and downs of the game’s score.

Confirming the intention of the bookmaker

There are two indicators for bookmakers to look out for. They are the point spread and the odds. The point spread refers to which team the bookmaker favors, while the odds are the opposite of favorable. The higher the odds for a team, the more likely the bookmaker is to favor the other team. Therefore, confirming the bookmaker’s intention is a key part of live betting.

Compared to your own intentions

If you are betting on the same team as the bookmaker, it is easier to place your bet through the live betting schedule. But don’t worry if you find that your intention is the opposite of the bookmaker’s. You can analyze the team and players that you might be wrong about. There is even a discussion section in the online casino, or you can refer to a few match analysis articles.

Betting in the middle of the race

When betting at the beginning of a sporting event, novices are usually not familiar with it. When they see the match analysis, they get anxious. However, good live betting can be applied to such situations. The player observes the game to decide how to adjust the betting target. Don’t rush, follow the analysis of the game, you can greatly improve the winning rate.


After talking about live betting gameplay and tips, how do you choose the right play in live betting? In terms of sports, there are a lot of unexpected situations in the game, and it is important to take into account the condition of the players or the team style and style of play.