Sports betting has recently found favour in India. More and more betting platforms embracing Indian players with open arms and accepting stored value in Indian rupees. In recent years, more players have switched their betting activities to mobile devices, which is why a significant number of betting sites are focusing more on developing betting apps to provide a more convenient betting experience for punters.

India’s internet population is currently estimated at 730 million, of which up to 93% are connected to the internet via mobile devices. Many Indians may not have a stable internet connection in their homes, but they may have a cell phone with internet access.

When it comes to other companies expanding their services to Eurasia, one of the markets they are looking at is India. India has the potential to make these businesses more profitable for several reasons.

(1) Lack of regulatory clarity

It is currently estimated that India has over 500 million active Internet users. Despite the country is banned on gambling, there is no law prohibiting offshore gambling businesses from providing services to locals. This is why locals are still betting on the Indian Premier League. Indians can place any kind of bet at any casino as long as the operator is located outside the country or far from Indian soil.

(2) Good Internet infrastructure

India’s internet infrastructure is getting better and better, and more and more people in the country can use it, which is why the country continues to receive a lot of foreign investment transactions in its betting. Since 2014, the Indian gaming market alone has attracted more than $350 million in investment. According to Maple Capital Advisors, the Indian gaming market is currently worth more than $930 million. India is one of the most populous countries in the world and the value of the gaming market is expected to exceed $3.3 billion.

The gaming industry is particularly interested in the Indian gaming market, as many online casino software developers are now developing games specifically for Indian gamers. Some European sites now offer Indian games such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. There are also many online casinos and bookmakers that are now accepting rupees or Indian currency. In addition, these sites are now available for locals to view in Hindi.

(3) Indian gambling culture

Indians are also known for their gambling. They like to play many card games and the country also likes sports such as cricket, which makes them a good market for sports betting. The loopholes in the country’s gambling laws will allow these offshore casinos and bookies to flourish in India. The potential for India to become one of the largest gaming markets is indeed very strong.

Mobile betting is all the rage in India, with cricket betting apps being the favorite, so it should come as no surprise that India will have over 19 billion app downloads in 2019, and that number will definitely continue to rise. Among these popular Indian apps are also betting apps from various sportsbooks, and those familiar with Indian culture should immediately associate Indian players with a particular love of cricket betting apps, which are not cricket betting-only apps, but apps developed by sportsbooks that focus specifically on the sport.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a surge in mobile device usage, forcing people to spend more time at home or alone. Web users around the world are turning to mobile devices as an important source of distraction for almost all of them. Even those who had never played a mobile game before began downloading a variety of games for entertainment during the epidemic.

Similarly, more and more people in India who had never bet on betting apps in the past are downloading apps, registering, and placing bets on sports that are still being played around the world.Betting activity on apps is even more active as more sports leagues, including cricket, resume their games as restrictions are gradually loosened.