Place your bets with your spare money

Learn to record your own recommendations for each game. You need to have the right investment mindset in order to make long-term profits. All books on investment management teach you that investing in finance is not a matter of risking your fortune. Today you come to invest, the money must be more than you come out of the money will not affect your livelihood.

My personal experience is that the more you don’t care about the money you put out, the better chance you have of making money. So sports betting is the same as all investment finance. Before you start, stay with the mindset that you can make and lose money on your investments.

It’s called gambling to gamble with a small amount of money

Although sports betting is related to gambling, it is in fact very similar to stock funds, which are also studied to achieve long-term profit goals.

Many people who play on the sports betting. Especially those who are new to it, like to bet on the parlay. A parlay is when you bet on not just one game at a time, but multiple games at once.

Assuming that you have strung 5 levels, and you have guessed one game, stringing 5 levels means that you have to guess all 5 games correctly in order to make money. Some bookmakers offer odds of up to 250 times on a 5-game series, so you can win 25,000 if you place 100 bets, which is very attractive. But we often overlook that although the odds are high, but only one of these 5 levels you do not pass, you will all lose.

Sports betting is actually also about odds. Assuming the odds of a coin are 50% for both sides of the board, the odds that you will throw out 5 heads in a row is 3.125%. This is similar to the chance of winning all 5 games in a series of 5. In other words, the chance of guessing correctly is only about 3%, which means your chance of losing money is almost 97%.

Now you know why the sports betting is not open to the full range of single games, only let people play in series? The reason is that they are better to earn. In other words, fans can easily lose. The real experts who treat sports gaming as an investment are not bet on the parlay. Only amateurs will.

Even betting is the way to go

To make a profit from investing requires a good approach, just as we need to establish our own winning patterns. If you want to go long, you must have the correct allocation of funds. So we must remember that nothing is stable in sports betting. Don’t think that you can win steadily and go down with big money. If you don’t pass once, you immediately fall into the vicious cycle of patching holes. In this case, you will usually fall deeper and deeper.

Compared to all stock operations, the most difficult part of our operation is that every day you are directly faced with the result of winning or losing. It is easy to be affected by the mood, which is why we need more stringent control of capital.

Suppose you have10,000 ready, then you divide this10,000 into 20 parts, which is equivalent to a bet of 500.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose money, try to keep your mind at ease until you reach 10 bets. In the unlikely event that you lose 10 bets, you can take the following two ways to deal with it:

(1) Withdraw from the game and stop playing, because you may not win.
(2) Take a break for a few days, maybe it’s just a bad hand, don’t play hard. Wait until you feel better and then enter the game. However, the total amount of money entered at this time is 5,000, divided into 20, a bet will only be 100.

If I win as expected, the example just now is 10,000 in capital divided into 20 bets. In my case, when I win 10 bets, my account becomes 15,000 at that point. I would take out 5,000 and pocket the profit. The rest of the 10,000 is divided into 20 bets, as previously allocated, and a bet of 500 is placed.

When I earn 10 more bets, this time 15,000 I will not claim. 15,000 divided into 20 bets, now a bet into 750 to bet.

Use this concept to slowly build up your original capital. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t panic too much when you lose money and don’t get too impatient when you win.

Review again and divide an amount into 20 bets. The first time you earn 10 bets, take them out and pocket the profit. The second time you earn 10 bets, you don’t take them out. At this point, your bet amount will be increased, and then keep repeating.


It doesn’t matter if you are new to sports betting or an expert. I believe the content is definitely helpful to those who want to understand more about sports betting. I hope you can practice the methods I suggest for yourself.