When it comes to live betting, it is a popular betting technique. After all, it is exciting and fun to be able to bet on the game after it has started. However, if you want to bet on the game to improve your odds by sports betting, it is a big mistake to do it casually. Many people misinterpret the direction of the game, which can cost you a lot of money. Here are three things you should pay attention to in sports betting.

Believe in yourself, don’t change your mind

When betting in the field, you will often encounter situations where the team you bet on is behind in the scoring. This is the time to not change your mind and bet on another team. After all, the ball is round and there is a chance of a turnaround until the last minute.
Many people will quickly give up their bets on the team that is ahead and go to the other team to win. In the end, the trailing team comes back to win in the last few minutes. Instead, they lose a large amount of money.

Know your enemy and know yourself, you will never win

Take live football betting as an example: according to overseas experts who have studied sports betting for many years.

There are 6 tips to improve the success rate of live betting.

  • In football matches, due to the rules and system, it is advisable to wait until 30 minutes after the start of the match to start live betting.
  • It is recommended to wait until 25 minutes after the start of the game for the handicap to get on track.
  • If you are betting on the over/under, it is recommended that you do not bet on the under.
  • The game starts in the second half and the goal rush is usually after 75 minutes.
  • Patiently wait for the handicap time and explore the direction of the high/low/early/late openings.
  • If you encounter a strong team pressing the over, a small team pressing the under will have a higher success rate.

These are the basics of what you should know. If you don’t keep these suggestions in mind you can easily lose your bets. There is no such thing as a free lunch. It is very important to remember these suggestions and then to do your homework before betting. If you just follow the trend of betting you will always be a target for people to slaughter.

Lockout Risk

A lockout means that the betting line is lopsided and the bookmaker is afraid of losing money by locking out the bets from other players. Usually the chances of a lockout are low, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

In October 2020, in a European football match between Sweden and Portugal. Portugal’s star Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with COVID-19 before the match and was unable to participate. After the match, Portugal’s star was injured, and the betting on that day was lopsided in favor of Sweden. The excessive amount of bets on Sweden caused many of the markets to instantly lock up and not give bets, while the odds on Portugal were very high.


Whether you want to place an live bet or not, remember that you should never try a bet you can’t afford. There have been too many gamblers who have blindly followed the trend and ended up gambling their entire fortune away.